Real Estate Economy: It’s Not a Bubble Unless it Pops

A bubble, by definition, pops and prices plummet. Look at buyer demand. Look at homeowner equity. Prices could stop going up for a bit – but it’s not a bubble. Read more


Proposed Amendment Would Protect Affordable Housing in Fla.

Doc stamp money in Fla.’s affordable housing trust funds should be used for affordable housing, but the Florida Legislature often “sweeps” it into general revenue. A constitutional amendment proposed by Florida Realtors would change that and secure ongoing support for housing in Fla. Read more

Delicate Task for Fed: When to Pull Back on Low-Rate Support?

When will interest rates go up? The Federal Reserve might weigh in, but it still says that inflation is a temporary problem caused by supply-chain bottlenecks. Read more


Builder Confidence Hits Lowest Point in 10 Months

NAHB chairman says supply-chain problems, like lumber, created production problems that forced buyers out of the market after they could no longer afford a new home. Read more

One Cause of Rising S. Fla. Rents? Lots of Unsuccessful Buyers

In addition to a wave of new Fla. residents, many buyers find themselves “forced to rent,” many month-to-month, because they haven’t successfully found a home to buy. Read more

How current market conditions could make you a crazy-rich agent

Not just lift your income a little; SKYROCKET your income; stun everyone in your office income; people lined up, pre-determined to get you and only you to list. Craig_Proctor


Shades of Sci-Fi: Holograms Maybe Next Webinar Option

Several companies say meeting participants can be 3-D holograms of remote workers, a close replication of in-person meetings – but no one-on-ones by the water cooler. Read more


How Did a 1031 Exchange Improve Your Community?

NAR hopes to “educate lawmakers and their staff” about the economic benefits of 1031 like-kind exchanges. Have a story? NAR wants to hear it via its dedicated webpage.

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Sure-Fire Method to Find, Recruit — and Keep — the Best Agents

The key to effective real estate agent recruiting is to have a consistent message and continually get it out to your target audience.